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those who have waited most notably president obama and governor romney october 3rd. romney. every three economy has good regulation at the same time it can be excessive. the dodd/frank has a number prohibitions with unintended consequences that are harmful for the economy and killing regional small banks five would repeal and replace it. >> president obama it is because of reckless behavior on wall street putting mean street address we had to step and nfl since the 1930's so the question think we have to much oversight? senator warner of virginia, congress never gets it rice with massive reform legislation the first time through. you head out then you come back to do it correctly. secretary of treasury tim geithner. >> with strong defense of the dodd/frank act. remember the financial crisis of 2008 you read of the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on lobbyist to repeal financial reform. they're not perfect but in place would have limited the financial crisis. basel iii capital and -- requirements and burdens were intended for our big banks would effectively put community banks
president obama two years ago advocated extending the bush tax cuts. we can't afford to do that. we have to keep taxes low and expands job opportunities. >> moderator: governor king? king: nobodiments to make raises -- nobodiments -- nobody wants raise taxes, but we have to look as revenues as well as cuts. it's impossible to do it otherwise. i'm engaged with a project called the simpson-bowles, led by simpson of wyoming, a republican senator, and bowles, a democrat from south carolina. what they propose is cutting tax rates, eliminating loopholes, deductions, and exemptions, and actually reducing rates, but taking 8% of revenues generated by the process putting it against the debt. that's prudent, responsible, and nobody wants to raise taxes, but we have to talk seriously about this, and some frame work like simpson-bowles or other plans out there on a bipartisan basis, i think, are going to be necessary to solve this problem, and i think what we'll end up with is a fairer tax system and lower rates across the board and more fairly distributed amongst our people. >> moderator: okay. mr.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2